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Write Your Story

May 25, 2011

I love blogs.  I always wonder how did the blogger get the idea, find the time, move forward from that first blank page staring at her and all the other stumbling blocks that I’ve tripped over since I first contemplated the idea of blogging. (ok, so I’m being gender biased but I typically read blogs written by women.)

Moms blog about moms.  People go on long quests that turn into books – my favorite being a crock pot-centric blog. Christian blogs.  Techie blogs.  Writers blogs.  What would I blog about?  At different times over the past two years I could have blogged about being a preschool teacher, sports reporter and/or college student or doing all three at the same time.  Oh I forgot mom and wife.  That’s when the title This Crazy Life popped into my head and on to wordpress.

I’ve given up the reporting.  Not the sports. Can’t quite give up the football sidelines either…really hoping I don’t have to this season.  I’ve graduated college.  FINALLY.  Better than late than never.  I still advocate finishing as a 20-something instead of a 30-something.

I miss the writing of the paper.  Not the deadlines.  What I hope this will be is a reaction to life.  My crazy life.  What I hope this will be is my story written.  I just need to keep writing…..