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Things to do . . .

October 5, 2011

before I am 40!  Oh how I love a to-do list.  Here it is, my Before-I-am-40 Bucket List:

  1. have pink hair    -YAY! done!
  2. stumble my way to Margaritaville and back
  3. go to California
  4. run a 5k
  5. see the sunset over the Pacific
  6. ride Amtrak in a sleeping car
***this list is a list-in-progess as all do-able to-do lists should be…check back for the completed items & the additions***

The countdown is on . . . (or how I am embracing my age)

October 5, 2011

It came and it went on Monday.  My 39th birthday.  There I’ve said it out loud. Listen up because I don’t say it often.  Not the 12 anniversary of my 27th birthday.  Not my 27th birthday.  No, my actual 39th birthday.  Thus beginneth the final year of my third decade.  And oh how did it begin!  After being in a low down nasty funk the week before, I began to celebrate my birthday in fabulous Prillaman girl tradition by starting early.  It was a fabulous Saturday minus the food induced sickness that we shall not discuss.  Sunday I accomplished more in one day that I normally do in a weekend and was ready to go on Monday.  Mr. J was actually in the house for my fabulous day. I had lunch with a fabulous friend.  I had a skinny margarita from Outback at dinner.  It was a beautiful day! Now, you should be able to figure out by this point that the last year of my thirties began on a Monday.  YUCK! Nothing good typically starts on Monday, right? Nope.  BUT yes! It was a fabulous day!!!

As dumb luck would have it, Tuesday I had an appointment to get my hair cut and to (finally!!) get pink stripes.   Oh, how I’ve wanted them.  There is no better time than October to get pink in one’s hair.  (Breast cancer awareness!!) Oh how I laughed and laughed through the process!  It was shocking! I somehow in the process acquired Strawberry Shortcakes’ hair.  I almost wet my pants laughing about it.  I love my friend who does my hair.  She laughed as much as I did.  Then later that night when I returned with Tommy for a hair cut, she insisted that it MUST be changed.  By the time I left, the pink was fading and my head hurt.  It was the best day in a long time.

Today, we giggled more as she made me beautifully brown with a peek-a-bo pink.  I love it.

The pink hair experience has inspired me to create a before-I-am-40 bucket list.  I have one thing to cross off already.  Look for a separate post for that and keep up with the changes.  I am predicting this year to be like no other.  Life is good.  Crazy.  But good.  (Maybe 40 really is the new 20…)